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Here, you will have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with executives from leading global companies; here, you can learn from industry veteran experts. These opportunities will become a catalyst for the rapid growth of each business.

Why become a V-MORE merchant:-

1.Excusive International Online Advantages

V-MORE is a unique international internet platform that currently caters to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan and aims to expand to other countries and regions in the near future. V-MORE helps to promote business branding and awareness concurrently, while expanding their influence internationally to increase market depth, thus gaining entrepreneurs and partners’ attention.

2.Revolutionary Affiliate Incentivized Marketing System

We are extremely honored to receive the Business Model Innovation Award 2016 by Singapore Manufacturing Federation for our business model known as Affiliate Incentivized Marketing (AIM). This reinvented marketing model provides the strong support and is guaranteed to aid in the development of the business.

3.A Large Community of Resellers

V-MORE is based on the AIM system, and Resellers in the AIM affiliate program are further incentivised by a scheme which will allow them to be rewarded as a community. This means that Resellers are incentivised together with the growth of their communities. With the high penetration potential of a community that is held together by a common interest or goal, and with additional motivation of being incentivized, AIM is a revolutionary marketing model that will be able to move products and services into markets expeditiously.

4.Sharing Extensive Database and Resources

Our cooperation with our excusive partner GTOKEN, we in turn share extensive database and resources, which effectively and efficiently broadens our reach to the market for our partnering merchants .

5.Regularly Organising of V-MORE Bazaar

V-MORE’s team will regularly organise events such as hosting bazaars, in order to facilitate communication between merchants and customers by effectively displaying the merchants’ products unique selling point, thus increasing sales and solidifying brand presence.

Why Join Us As A Franchisee?

1.The Strong Background of V-MORE

V-MORE is part of VenVici Pte Ltd which is a crowdsourcing specialist company that uses a proprietary system called ‘Affiliate Incentivized Marketing’ to promote products. The company is formally incorporated in Singapore and registered pursuant to and in compliance with the Singapore Companies Act (Chapter 50) Since 2014. GTOKEN and VenVici work hand in hand to market products and services, as well as GTOKEN mobile games via V-MORE platform. VenVici has invested in diverse industries and is supported by strong financial backings.

GTOKEN is the world's first crowd sourcing mobile games publisher and advertising platform which is growing fast in the Asia region, with 1,300,000 registered users (12% growth every month) and 30,000,000 GTOKENs purchased (10% growth every month). The first and only World Champion Boxer in eight different weight divisions and Philippines Senator, Manny Pacquiao, has acquired a meaningful stake in GTOKEN and recently Mr. Fabian Lim has became our new shareholder who is a successful serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and internet millionaire. GTOKEN and VenVici work hand in hand to market products and services, as well as GTOKEN mobile games via V-MORE platform.

2.Working together to achieve the goal of listing the company

The success of V-MORE will expedite the process in which VenVici becomes a public listed company in the near future . The Franchisees of V-MORE will have a chance to receive initial shares of VenVici(VVG), and an invitation to attend the company listing ceremony, to share the joyous occasion with the Management .

3.Receive Selected Market Profit Share

For franchisees, they will have the priority to choose the market area and roll out the expansion plan in their chosen region quickly to attract prospective merchants , maximize sales in order to receive considerable profits.

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