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Car Scratch Remover Pen

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Car Scratch Remover Pen.Why spend all the time and money to respray your car, when you have our Car Scratch Removal Pen! For the first time ever, this pen fixes your car scratches INSTANTLY & EASILY with just a single draw! Simply highlight it against the scratch - and voilà, the scratch magically disappeared right before your eyes! 

The only secret behind the pen is its Nano-coating residence that fills up any scratch and hardens under the sunlight. It is clean, clear and works on ALL Colors. Works best for small and shallow scratches and makes a Perfect Repair.

Use Steps:

1) Shake the pen thoroughly with cap on. Apply it in shaded area.
2) Prime the applicator on a separate surface. With tip pointed down, PRESS & RELEASE spring tip on a surface until tip is saturated. Protect tip from sunlight! It may take 40 to 50 presses to saturate the tip.
3) Apply along & into damaged clear coat. Work quickly, repair pen cures in direct sunlight.Apply at temperatures above 55 degrees (F).
4) Quickly wipe off excess with dry paper towel, as can cure rapidly. Allow to cure in sunlight until dry(1-48 hours).

Item Type: Painting Pens
Model Name: 00253
Item Weight: 0.02kg
Item Volume: 7.4ML
Special Features: Clear Coat

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